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Braun Coffee Maker Choices

Braun Coffee Maker Choices

Finding a Braun coffee maker is made easy since Braun is known for reliable, affordable and competitive products. In business for nearly a century, Braun is consistently considered a leader in coffee makers. Currently, the Braun CaféHouse, Sommelier, and Classics coffee makers are among the designs, and their features keep them ahead of the industry curve.

The following features are common to all three Braun coffee makers: auto shut-off, the OptiBrew System, built-in Brita filters, drip-stop system, and a non-slip handle. You can leave your home without worrying whether you turned off your coffee maker, because all three lines simply shut themselves off. Auto shut-off ensures not only that your coffee will not burn or overheat, but that you will not accidentally cause an electrical fire. The Optibrew System is the patented process developed by Braun, which ensures that temperature, brew time, and extraction of flavour from the coffee grounds relate to one another in such a way that you enjoy that perfect cup of coffee every morning.

Braun’s three designs also have a Brita filtration system. Purified through the built-in Brita cartridge, the water that percolates into the coffee grounds is virtually free of chlorine, fluoride, or other calcifying minerals that are often found in tap water.

Surely, choosing a kind of coffee bean that is high in quality, with good overall character is crucial; nevertheless, the purified Brita water extracts unwanted qualities from your water, helping you achieve the most exquisite cup of coffee, no matter which bean you choose.

Braun’s drip-stop feature is another unique feature. Allowing you to pour coffee even before the brewing is finished, a locking mechanism causes the brewing process to pause, so that you do not lose any coffee or create a mess. Even the handles are smartly designed. A non-slip, soft, and ergonomically shaped grip make even pouring your coffee a pleasurable experience. There is more to enjoying coffee than drinking it, after all.

While the Sommelier, Classics, and CaféHouse share qualities that make Braun an industry leader in coffee makers, they each have unique features, as well. The Sommelier and Classics both feature a thermal carafe. Insulated by a double wall, the coffee pots themselves create a vacuum, so that your coffee maintains the temperature, aroma, and flavour you desire. The Classics coffee makers have unique features, too. Some models have a flavour-selector feature, which is two-fold. First, select your preference on a range of mild to strong. The flavour-selector system then separates unsavoury oils and acids that can leave unwanted acridity in your coffee. The result, of course, is high-quality coffee, brewed exactly how you like it.

Consumer reviews of the Braun coffee maker suggest that the CaféHouse, Classics, and Sommelier lines quickly brew great tasting coffee, at a price your pocket book will like, too. Both the novice and connoisseur may unanimously find that Braun’s combination of durability, style, and cost befits an aromatic morning in any home.


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